Dream interpretation of eating alone

Dream interpretation of eating alone.

What is the meaning of dreaming about eating alone. Eating is usually a social event. People gather in groups to eat meals at work, at school, and at home. When you see yourself eating alone, it means you are not sociable, or you’re outcast as an isolated alien. Another aspect of the dream you need to examine is the type of food you’re eating. Is it simple, poor man’s food? Like a plate of pasta/ noodles? Or expensive, cuisine fine dining? If you see yourself eating cheap, fast food, it means you are financially lean. Your brain wants you to know that you should make changes to improve your present situation. The way to a person’s heart is in the stomach when s/he eats comfort food. You are composed of what you eat. Treat yourself well and your body will be functional to serve you well.

Have you ever dreamed of eating? Have you dreamed of dead people returning to share a meal with you? This is probably a nostalgia type of dream where your brain has activated the memory of past experiences eating with that person. The memory appears in a dream. I’ve mentioned this in past blog posts here.

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