Meaning of dream of selling vegetables

Dream of selling vegetables means …

To dream of selling vegetables means your spiritual assets are being wasted or unused. Most of us are not in the business or work of selling agricultural produce, so to dream of being a seller of vegetables, means we are not using our vegetables wisely, but are letting go of a precious resource.

If you dream you saw yourself selling vegetables, it can also mean you may face financial hardships. You may resort to a job like selling green groceries.

Pie chart to show the percentage of each type of dream that can happen

Pie chart shows percentage of different meanings of dream on selling vegetables.
Pie chart on percentage of each meaning that can happen

Dreaming of vegetables with colors hold symbolic meaning

If you see black colored vegetable in your dream, it probably means you face negative criticism in your present life. Your unconscious brain sends you this message to your attention to address this issue and fight negativity. Examples of black colored vegetables are water chestnuts and yam, whose external skin is black.

Brown colored vegetables symbolize the brown earth. For old people, seeing dream imagery of brown vegetables can vaguely signify the eventual return to earthern soil. It may refer to burial after death.

Dream imagery of green colored vegetables means you’re in your prime. Your waking life is fresh and green, like a flourishing plant.

Dream symbols of orange colored vegetables, like carrot and tomato, can reflect your cheerful, warm, and positive state in life.

Red vegetables are iconic as they symbolize blood and vitality.

Purple vegetables like egg plant, are iconic of royalty. If you’re going through a rough patch in life, dreaming of purple vegetables is a message of hope that your life will get better.

The white turnip/ radish, symbolizes goodness, and wisdom. Take some time to reflect on this dream interpretation and consider how it can be applied to your current situation in life.

When you see colors in a dream, it means there is light in the dream. If there’s no light at all, you can’t see anything in your dream. The presence of light means there are probably spiritual aspects in this dream.

If you see yourself selling vegetables in a dream, it might mean you’re promoting some values. Besides nutritional values, the colors of the vegetables hold meanings. Your unconscious brain may be sending you messages with these dream imagery.

Dreaming of vegetables that give off smells while eating them:

Dreaming of vegetables that give off smells upon chewing means secrets are exposed. Bad blood comes into focus as other family members in your house show their disagreement with you.

Dreaming of onion, cabbage or leek means you dream of eating these smelly vegetables. The message is there are quarrels between you and your family members.

Dream of vegetables which are eaten raw:

This can mean the dreamer’s finances are lost. Its because this type of vegetables need to be trimmed off for spoilage, before they are prepared for eating as in a salad. The trimmings represent loss. You lose money when you have to cut away a portion of the edible. The dream interpretation of trimming away vegetables that are to be eaten raw means you lose money.

Dreaming of artichokes means you’ll face a spiky (uncomfortable) time. Dreaming of artichokes means you’ll see and experience pain.

Dream of white colored vegetables:

When you dream of white colored vegetables like radish, turnip and gourds:

Dream of radish – dream meaning is vain hope.

Dreaming of turnip: Dream meaning is hope without successful realisation of goal.

Dream of gourds: Dream meaning is hope without fruit.

Dream of eating onions means:

You may dream of eating onions if you have a minor infection. Onions are rich in antioxidants and these help to fight small infections.

If you dream of eating vegetables with good nutritional value, it means you’ll see good fortune.

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