Dream of Corvette means

If you dream of a Corvette, it means either one or more of these dream interpretations:

  1. You love flashy cars.
  2. You know someone who owns or drives a Corvette.
  3. You read Down The Lane and the image of the 1992 Corvette made a big impression on you.
Corvette doodle.

This car! I know my doodle is not up to standard but let’s pretend it can pass off as a ’92 Corvette. I’ve never drawn a flashy car before.

Who drives this flashy car? Its a 1992 Corvette.

The person lived in Down The Lane. Its told in the book by P. Lafferty.

Color this car and show us by posting it in Twitter or anywhere online where we can go to see it. You can download and print this doodle on a piece of A4 size paper and color it. After you’re satisfied with your coloring, you can scan it in and upload to your online site. Or you might like to take a picture of your colored car and paste this image online somewhere. Please return here to paste your link in the comment section.

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