Dreaming of doing art: dream being an artist

Dreaming of doing art.

I dreamed I saw an art student working on her piece of art. She was handing a sheet of cellophane, with a large colored blob of paint. She was going to lay down this piece of plastic, onto her paper, to transfer the blob of paint onto the paper.

What is the meaning of this dream? It informs me the importance of art in my life, as it has entered my dreams.

Dreaming of art, or dreaming of being an artist:

This dream brings out your artist talents. If you’re creative in making anything, you are artistic. If you have shown talent in drawing, painting, writing, creating visible art and etc, this dream can be a suggestion to try expressing yourself in different activities in your life.

Everyone is born with patterns in their psyche. A pattern is a force/ blueprint for behaviors, attitudes, inherited thinking processes and feelings. These patterns are determinants making up your personality and how you choose to live your life. The patterns influence the way you unconsciously choose to live your life.

Dreaming of art, or dreaming of being an artist, is showing you an archetype. This archetype is an important character for you. Your archetype artist may follow the traditional expression of having two opposite poles of each other.

View some original art, by an artist doing mixed media.