Original art for sale

Original art for sale. Hand painted. USD 15 per piece, includes international shipping. Only one piece of each design. First come, first served. Please comment below to buy.

Some pieces were sold at a local exhibition in Dec. 2020. I submitted 10 miniatures and 9 out of those 10 were sold. I’m so grateful to God. What started as a sacrifice task volunteering time at the psychiatric ward drawing for children, became a real hobby.

50% of proceeds will be donated to a charity that supports the birth and adoption of babies.

Tall dog. A5 size. 5.8 inch by 8 inch.

Tall dog in oil pastels, and water color (mixed media).

Godzilla. A5 size. 5.8 inch by 8 inch.

Godzilla on oil pastels.


Light colored (tan) dog with long hind legs. Original art in oil pastels. A5 size. USD 15 with shipping inclusive.

Tan colored dog with long hind legs.

Cat with print against background created also with print. 5.9 inch by 4 inch postcard. USD 15 includes international shipping.

Handmade post cards for sale, read here.
Handmade post cards for sale.

Hand made original art of 4 terrapins. Measures 8.3 inch by 5.8 inch (A5 size). USD 15 includes international shipping. Medium are water color, & oil pastel.

Terrapins hand drawn from real models.

Original hand drawn dog. 4.8 inch by 7 inch tall. Dog in color pencils, against water color background. USD 15 includes shipping.

Hand drawn dreamy dog art for sale.

Original art 5.8 inch by 4 inch. USD 15 with free shipping. Watercolor cat plays with a bit of pink wool.

Cat plays with wool, original art for sale.
Headless Camelman, art in the likes of the Headless Horseman. A5 postcard.
Original art for sale, postcard 5.9 inch by 4 inch. A5 size postcard.
15 cats collage art for sale, read here. A4 size picture.

Prints of digital art created with software. USD $10 each inclusive of postage for international shipping.

Cat on beige background
Dreaming of cat
Domestic shorthair cat.


My friend is selling abstract art here.