Original art for sale

Art Mater here shows original art for sale. Hand painted. USD $20 per piece, includes international shipping. Only one piece of each design. First come, first served. Please comment below to buy.


Anthropomorphism - cat people at the fish market
Cat people at Fish Mart


Mer-cat swims with fishes, among sea weeds.
Mercat swimming with fishes underwater among seaweeds.

50 cm x 50 cm.


Where to buy embroidery art? You can buy art embroidery here.

Hand sewn embroidery of a couple of cats on Tote bag.

Hand embroidery of a pink cat on a tote bag.

Where to buy applique art online? Here is a cat composed of applique scraps.

Applique art makes a cat.

How to sew an applique art cat using colorful fabric cloth scraps


Draw outlines of the cat on your fabric frame which you want to have your design sewn on.


Arrange your pieces of fabric scraps on your outline.


Determine which fabric scrap is going to be your underlying layer.


Cut out this layer.


Sew down neatly this fabric layer.


Decide the next layer of colored cloth scrap.


Cut out the necessary shape.


Sew down this layer of scrap fabric.

Hand embroidery creates a portrait art. Done in cartoon/ caricature style/ doodle.

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