Dream interpretation story books

If you dream of story books, it can mean several possibilities.

  1. You desire to read to relax in an alternate world.
  2. If you are a fiction writer, dreaming of storybooks is normal as they are in your thoughts during your day.
  3. Your waking life may be full of events and you hardly have time to process events. You think your life is unusual, like a story book.
  4. If you desire to get your hands on story books, you might dream of them, as a reminder to get them.
  5. If you had seen or heard of some story books and your curiosity was ignited, this may trigger a dream about story books.
  6. An event in your real life reminded you of a story which you read in a book.

The dream interpretation of story book depends on your personal associations with this dream symbol. Which dream interpretation to take for your dream depends on your situation, your cultural understanding of what the symbol means to you and your intuition on what it means to you.

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