Dream interpretation on Books

Dream interpretation on Books and people reading them:

Books are sources of information or entertainment. In a dream, people reading books desire to search for information pertaining to an issue they wish to know. There are controversial issues regarding reading in dreams. In psychology, the general consensus is dreamers can not read in dreams. Rather, the reading is a pre-determined message that the brain wants to communicate across in the dream.

Artist (cartoon/ comic) Phil McAndrew compiled a list of 400 things to draw. He’s on Twitter as @philmcandrew. Go follow him. He said although some folks have tried his list, none have succeeded in drawing all 400 on his list.


1. books (and people reading them) Pic below.
2. trophies (champion of _______!)
3. statues (who deserves to to be immortalized as a statue?)
4. dogs
5. naked people
6. all of houses you’ve lived in
7. sad people
8. bicycles
9. your neighbors
10. mounted animal heads
11. a map of the world (try it from memory!)
12. bugs
13. people covered with tattoos
14. fancy jewelry
15. super wrinkly old people
16. cats
17. big spooky old houses
18. Guy Fieri eating things he isn’t supposed to eat (rocks, his sunglasses, toothpaste, etc)
19. pizza (with unusual toppings?)
20. people at the beach
21. trees
22. tree forts
23. forest people
24. newspapers (and people reading them)
25. monsters
26. people on skateboards (and falling off of them)
27. people playing drums
28. slugs
29. sandwiches
30. skulls
31. bottles (full of beverages or potions or poison or water)
32. fancy cakes
33. tombstones or coffins
34. cool shoes
35. a map of your city or town
36. computers (or devices with lots of buttons and wires)
37. different kinds of chimneys (and people climbing out of them)
38. crying children (why are they crying?)
39. motorcycles
40. witches
41. animals with antlers
42. people playing poker (what does a good poker face look like? what does a desperate gambler look like?)
43. every teacher you’ve ever had (from memory)
44. snakes (did they eat something interesting recently?)
45. chairs and tables
46. cacti
47. hotdogs
48. different kinds of hats
49. people falling out of boats
50. ghosts
51. swords
52. people in the middle of dental procedures
53. horses
54. people singing badly
55. wizards
56. umbrellas
57. fictional sons of Mitt Romney (Chad Romney, Wipp Romney, Burp Romney, etc)
58. coins
59. stupid hair styles
60. self portraits (what will you look at the age of 100?)
61. vegetables
62. flags for fictional countries
63. birds doing stuff that birds aren’t supposed to do
64. pencils
65. sweaty, out of breath joggers
66. your worst fears
67. people lifting weights
68. sea shells
69. house plants
70. people playing basketball
71. turkeys
72. tentacles coming out of containers, bags, windows, etc
73. airplanes
74. fancy crowns
75. fictional members of your family
76. dinosaurs
77. people “doing science” (test tubes! strange chemicals! microscopes!)
78. musical instruments
79. castles
80. teenagers
81. snooty butlers carrying things on trays (telephones, food, unopened envelopes, small people)
82. animals wearing glasses
83. a volcanic island
84. people with ice cream cones
85. candles
86. people standing behind one of those cartoony x-ray screens
87. things that lives in caves and holes
88. cardboard boxes
89. your worst enemy
90. a painter standing at an easel, painting something from life (nude model? landscape?)
91. babies holding guns
92. suits of armor
93. fictional candy bars
94. spaceships
95. labels for fictional beers
96. astronauts
97. ears
98. people with tons of facial piercings
99. the moon
100. forks and knives and spoons
101. people with briefcases hoping no one knows what’s inside the briefcase
102. the aftermath of a car accident
103. a snowman
104. playing cards
105. an idiot playing piano
106. aliens
107. microscopic organisms
108. people skiing
109. snails
110. demons
111. a fictional game show host
112. sushi
113. sewer people
114. government spy drones
115. a sentient brick wall
116. coffee mugs
117. a bow and arrow shoot-out
118. a ferris wheel
119. a fish tank
120. booby traps
121. swamp creatures
122. Jay Leno weeping quietly while looking at his reflection in a mirror
123. people slipping on banana peels
124. balloons
125. people with crutches or limbs in casts
126. boogers
127. pole-vaulters
128. people stranded on desert islands
129. a dog in handcuffs, surrounded by police
130. turtles
131. mountains
132. things popping out of toasters (bread, pizza, books, etc)
133. skeletons
134. flowers
135. people trapped in the belly of a whale
136. Frankenstein’s monster
137. a terrarium
138. people smooching
139. people knitting scarves
140. grumpy bartenders
141. tents in the woods
142. arctic explorers
143. bridges
144. a television set (what’s on tv?)
145. people working in gardens
146. people stepping on bee hives
147. a toothbrush
148. PEZ dispensers
149. tourists
150. your childhood bedroom
151. people digging holes
152. a stamp collector and their stamps
153. a person being eaten alive by feral dogs
154. people wrapped in blankets
155. bookshelves
156. whatever you had for breakfast
157. comfy armchairs
158. abandoned buildings
159. icebergs
160. discarded underwear
161. carnivorous furniture
162. ducks
163. hermits and their hermit houses
164. hamburgers
165. lizard men
166. campfires
167. people smoking pipes
168. cliffs by the ocean
169. people waiting in line to use the bathroom
170. animals in hiding after escaping from a zoo
171. dogs trying to reach food on tables
172. garbage cans
173. slime creatures
174. crabs
175. fictional members of the Wu-Tang Clan
176. different types of helmets
177. logs
178. ceiling fans
179. Rush Limbaugh’s stupid face
180. palm trees
181. proud looking guys with flannel shirts and tool belts and hard hats and no pants
182. dentures
183. skeleton keys
184. binoculars
185. giant objects crashing into earth (giant baby, giant motorcycle, giant anvil, etc)
186. exercise machines that could be mistaken for torture devices
187. things hatching out of eggs (birds, lizards, guys in business suits, etc)
188. animal skin rugs
189. people blindly trying to find their missing glasses
190. hockey players
191. people flying around with jetpacks
192. squirrels trying to drag things up into trees (an entire pizza, a piano, an old man, etc)
193. proud idiot gun owners posing with guns
194. vehicles that are shapes like food (hotdog car, banana car, pretzel car, etc)
195. clocks
196. chain link fences
197. donuts
198. people wearing ridiculous puffy shirts
199. dartboard with darts in it (or around it)
200. people being thrown or falling through glass windows


201. members of fictional boy bands
202. puddles
203. people who are melting for some reason
204. famous people’s butts
205. dirt
206. plumbers tinkering with complicated pipe systems
207. smelly cheeses
208. cyclops
209. spooky caves
210. pieces in a chess set
211. weird looking babies
212. people trying to hold in farts while on dates
213. fashionable dog collars
214. moss
215. ruins of castles, ancient temples, etc
216. unusual body piercings
217. cereal boxes
218. unfortunate tattoos
219. stand-up comedians
220. robots
221. people frozen in of giant hunks of ice
222. fossils
223. bones
224. people modeling really complicated outfits
225. old people trying to make sense of technology that they don’t understand
226. Harrison Ford
227. zombies
228. things on shelves (bottles, tools, etc)
229. piƱatas
230. morons yelling at each other on fox news
231. the biggest ice cream sundae ever
232. a person kissing a framed photograph of Carl Sagan
233. really big telescopes
234. someone who hasn’t yet realized thier clothing is on fire
235. people painting graffiti
236. cowboys
237. surfers
238. people wearing ugly wigs
239. trains
240. cookies
241. pyramids
242. people puking
243. sharks
244. too many people in one hot tub
245. bombs
246. teeth
247. Guy Fieri lost in the wilderness
248. people climbing ladders
249. sumo wrestlers
250. the people who write all those awful comments on youtube
251. cave people
252. a chef preparing a big meal
253. cannibals
254. shields (with cool designs, symbols, etc)
255. birds flying around, carrying things in their talons (small animals, children, a gun, etc)
256. politicians sitting in jail cells
257. doctors trying to remove something from a terrified person’s nose, nurses holding the person down
258. a person with live snakes in their pockets
259. people standing on logs, floating across bodies of water
260. people with really complicated braces on their teeth
261. a tornado
262. dumptrucks
263. farmers planting things, harvesting crops
264. a blender (draw it before, during and after blending stuff!)
265. aliens hiding in craters
266. talk show hosts interviewing inanimate objects
267. a high speed car chase (or horse chase, rollerblade chase, helicopter chase, etc)
268. bank robbers
269. crystals
270. noodles
271. rollercoasters
272. pretzels
273. buildings in your neighborhood (from memory or from life!)
274. a person sitting at a desk, shouting into a phone (what are they shouting about?)
275. swordfish
276. bears
277. hideous sweaters
278. sunken ships at the bottom of the sea
279. spiders
280. unflattering portraits of bigots
281. the toothfairy
282. alligators
283. people posing with fish they caught
284. firefighters rescuing people from burning buildings
285. broken mirrors
286. Puff Daddy admiring a photograph of himself
287. werewolves
288. race car drivers
289. people playing twister
290. wet dogs
291. lightning
292. clouds
293. bats (the animal)
294. scuba divers
295. rocks
296. tree stumps
297. toilets
298. rats
299. rain
300. vacuum cleaners
301. godzilla
302. vampires
303. animals wearing really expensive people clothes
304. gondoliers
305. playground stuff (slides, swings, monkeybars, etc)
306. people falling off of trampolines
307. shopping carts (full of groceries?)
308. cars
309. the president shaking hands with an alien
310. people racing bobsleds
311. clowns
312. dog owners picking up dog poop
313. people eating mud
314. video game controllers
315. pinball machines
316. a bucket full of worms
317. people playing ping-pong
318. people wearing clothes that are either way too big or way too small
319. frightened naked people being chased by animals
320. people dancing
321. giant floating eyeballs with telepathic powers
322. a parade
323. a shady looking man trying to sell lizards out of a suitcase
324. mushrooms
325. people using jumpropes
326. mount rushmore (add new faces!)
327. boats
328. a blacksmith (what are they working on?)
329. a photographer taking pictures (what are they photographing? animals? supermodels? food?)
330. people sleeping in hammocks
331. people falling out of hammocks
332. people playing with hula hoops
333. the statue of liberty
334. a bunch of police cars crashing into each other
335. a funeral
336. people setting off or watching fireworks
337. mermaids
338. snow monsters
339. camels
340. UFOs abducting things (people, cows, trees, cars, etc)
341. a person trying to chop down a tree
342. feet
343. tacos
344. dogs peeing on things they’re not supposed to pee on
345. people hiding in trees or bushes
346. a gang of women throwing a scantily clad man into a volcano
347. people in a bowling alley
348. skunks
349. the night sky
350. people taking showers
351. police officers beating up innocent people while bank robbers excape
352. boxers knocking each other out
353. people in sleeping bags
354. feathers
355. mad scientists
356. a map of your home (can you do it from memory?)
357. a black hole (are spaceships are being sucked into it?)
358. album covers for fictional bands
359. people hiding in dumpsters
360. boobs
361. weeners
362. spooky shadow figures
363. futuristic versions of mundane things (coffee mug, chair, toothbrush, etc)
364. handcuffs
365. the sun
366. maps of fictional states (South Kansas, West Vermont, Texas, etc)
367. people exploring dark places with flashlights
368. beetles
369. ninjas
370. people in bathtubs
371. giraffes
372. bigfoot
373. greek gods
374. people playing soccer
375. opera singers
376. footsteps in snow
377. waterfalls
378. your hands
379. people eating in a fancy restaurant
380. scissors
381. things being launched with catapults (rocks, cows, Rush Limbaugh, etc)
382. evil cult members performing secret dark rituals
383. a bull totally wrecking a matador
384. people playing golf (what sort of stupid outfits are they wearing?)
385. jazz musicians
386. people wearing capes
387. elves
388. cabins in the woods (or on mountains or near lakes or on the moon)
389. people who have lots of secrets
390. blanket forts
391. whales
392. fog
393. people singing karaoke
394. people being injected with syringes
395. your desk and everything on it
396. people getting smooshed by giant fingers
397. grasshoppers
398. people doing yoga (make up ridiculous new poses!)
399. ballerinas
400. rhinos

Number 1 on the list. Books and people reading them.

Reading corner in public library.


Be mindful of the wonders of reading as a stimulus.

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