Dream interpretation statue

What it means when you dream of statue

The statue is a reminder of someone who embodies good qualities for you to look up to. Or maybe it personifies someone who said something that is good advice which you should be using now in your situation in life. The statue could be a reminder of an Oracle; a wise person whose words of advice should be heeded.

Artist (cartoon/ comic) Phil McAndrew compiled a list of 400 things to draw. (PHIL McANDREW’S BIG LIST OF STUFF TO DRAW). He’s on Twitter as @philmcandrew. Go follow him. He said although some folks have tried his list, none have succeeded in drawing all 400 on his list.

This post is on number

3. statues (who deserves to to be immortalized as a statue?)

I chose to draw @byloveelissa because she is one of the best people I’ve met on Twitter. Go follow her.

@byloveelissa immortalized as a statue.

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