Dreaming of objection to guest

Have you ever dreamed of almost having a house guest, only to change your mind at the last minute?

One night, I dreamed that a stranger wanted a room for his board and lodging. In my dream, my family was living in a big house with a spare room. Someone in my family said he was agreeable to let this stranger stay in the spare room.

Dreaming of male family member offering a stranger a room to live in.

Then I had to spring clean the room, the cupboards and shelves, to create space for the guest.

Spring cleaning. Then I remembered I hated the idea of house guests.

I remembered I didn’t like the idea of compromising my privacy. This thought came to me like I was catching myself. Even in my dream, I remembered my true nature, which was to protect my privacy.

I caught myself in the act of almost doing something against my true nature in reality.

Then I woke up.

What’s the intrinsic/ latent meaning of this dream? It means my family member was not in synchronization with me. I had talked about my difficulties of finding time to do my small project work, while handling housework and outside work. I made known I could not cook entertaining, full meals while juggling my responsibilities.

The message in this dream was not about invasion of my privacy. It was about my family member disregarding my wishes.

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