Dreaming of life cycle

One night, this woman dreamed of the life cycle of her plant. It was like a magical plant. It was kept in between the pages of a book. Like a bryophyllum leaf, it grew small buds, with their own roots. These buds grew from the outer edges of each tip of the bryophyllum leaf. When the bud-root plant drops away from the parent leaf-plant, it can grow into a bryophyllum plant. This method of reproduction is vegetative propagation. It grew, bloomed flowers, and dropped petals.

Dreaming of young plant growing, blooming flowers and Fall. Planting, nurturing, maturing, harvesting.

In the dream, reality was spliced with dream imagery. Instead of bud-root plants, flowers grew from the main plant. These flowers matured and dropped away from the main plant.

The manifest meaning of the dream was the life cycle of a small plant with flowers.

What’s the meaning of dreaming of a life cycle? The latent meaning of the dream was to endure the life cycle. The woman’s current thoughts about life triggered this dream about a life cycle.