Dream of a bald man

One night, I had a dream of a bald man. This was unusual even in a dream, because he was a young man. How could a young man be bald? He lacked a hairline. He wasn’t bald because he shaved off his hair. There were no hair follicles to be seen on his shiny scalp. This man was a stranger to me I couldn’t possibly ask him why he was bald.

After I awoke, I tried to analyze this dream imagery to do a simple dream interpretation. The dream imagery of baldness on a young man means premature ageing. Does premature ageing apply to me in my present situation? Yes. I have signs of early aging. My dream was a warning to me. I have to take care of my physical health, appearance and life style.

Pic prompt from MLMM Tale Weaver #315 – bald man.

Day dream of love

Day dream of love (TWT)

Its easier to day dream of love than to hope love would meet you from your target who never responds.

Love (TWT) – another entry.

If you don’t find love in one gender, do you search for it in another? What defines love for you?

Prompt hosted by bbubble.in, Twenty Words Tuesday Week #26 – “love” in 20 words TWT.

The Bystander Effect in 2020 – 2021

Reality is stranger than fiction. This is an anecdote on The Bystander Effect in 2020 – 2021.

It has been three months since a swindler targeted a victim. His pride and ego refused to concede defeat even after police were notified. His scams evolved deeper into crime as he plotted murder in broad daylight. He tried to recruit mercenaries and accomplices to kill for money.

Neighbors in two blocks of apartments heard the swindler talking loudly as he conducted recruitment drives to hire killers. None of the witnesses want to speak to the police because they fear retribution.

This story repeats the everyday occurrence of The Bystander Effect, originally formulated after the murder of Kitty Genovese in 1964. The more bystanders who hear or witness an event, the less likely any of this crowd would take any action. They world defer personal action, to wait for others to take responsibility instead.

The arm of law may not be long in this case, but karma is patient.

#keepitalive Sue Vincent Thursday Photo Prompt – deeper, Feb 11 2021.

Tell yourself in your dream to run away

If you wish to run away from a situation in a dream, can you tell yourself in your dream to run away?

You don’t control your dreams, unless you program your brain, to manage a certain type of situation in a dream. Before falling asleep, tell your brain how you would like to handle a certain type of dream. You will find that this method works.

When you learn to manage your perceived behavior in a dream, you control how you wish your dream to happen.

Paula Light’s Thursday Inspiration #94 word and pic is “run”.