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Fan mini drama.

Dreaming of heat
One early morning, I was dreaming of the heat. I was hot and perspiring in my dream. I woke up suddenly, and discovered I was indeed, feeling hot. When I was sleeping, my body was still receiving input from stimuli. The raw data was sent to my brain, which processed it to create information. The input, which in this case was heat, triggered a dream about being hot.

Dream interpretation hot weather
Dreams have meanings if we examine them according to personal circumstances. In this case, my dream of feeling hot was caused by external stimulus. On further reflection, I should have adjusted the dial setting on my fan and turned it on to high speed, to make my room cooler.

Hidden, latent meanings of a dream on weather
The dream symbol of weather can mean your feelings. Hot and sunny weather can be a dream symbol on happy and cheerful feelings.

Seeing rain and storms of bad weather in a dream, can mean you will face tough times. Rain is like the sky dropping tears. Stormy weather can mean you’ll face rough and rocky times in real life.

Black clouds, cloudless sky or gloomy outdoors can imply depression and negativity in life.

The weather can be a dream symbol of what the environment is going to present you. If you see sunny weather, your environment of people and society, is going to treat you well. If you see bad weather, violent storms, or grey skies, then you’re likely to face choppy waves of turbulence in your real life.

Dream about feeling heat:

Sometimes, the external stimulus of heat can enter into your brain while you’re sleeping. This can trigger a dream about feeling heat. The intention of this dream is to wake you up so that you will do something about the heat.

Dreaming of weather
Interpret dream of weather

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