The day robots take over

The day robots take over
Its dangerous to be over dependent on robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI). When I was studying a module on the human brain, neurology and intelligence, I was asked to watch a video on how small robots rearranged themselves. These tiny robots were not programmed with specific instructions but when left alone, they chose to cling together, to form a bigger structure. Strength lies in unity. It scared me to see how robots had their own AI to conclude that they were adhere together to face the future. Since they were capable of independent behavior, then there is a possibility there will come a day when robots take over humans. What if they formed large robots that are bigger than humans? What if they decide to follow their own agenda? Like taking over humans? Will robots become masters and humans become slaves?

Watch these videos to see how robots can have their own minds to decide.

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Robots can kill.

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