Dreaming of bird cage: Mindful Doodles #484

Meaning of dreaming of a bird cage.

Dreaming of a cage can’t be good. It is a container which imprisons and causes misery. If you dream of a cage, ask yourself if you have thought about that theme during waking hour. You may be facing fixed parameters at work, or at home. You feel constrained by artificial barriers. What can you do to deal with a “cage”? You can try to overcome the confines of the restricted space. You can try to leave to change your environment. You can try to manage the barriers or person who has imposed the barriers (cage).

Dreaming of a bird cage –
The cage can be a physical/ mental/emotional enclosure. If the cage is a physical one, it could be the constraints of a home, office, school or place where you spend time in.

If the cage is mentally existing in your mind, then you need to think about it. Take a piece of paper and draw two columns down the paper. Write down on one column, the difficulties or restrictions you face. Write in the corresponding column, what you can do to handle this difficulty. At the end of this exercise, you must steel yourself to tackle the constraints that have built a bird cage around you. Look at each corresponding solution and slowly start to implement your solutions.

If you have a problem that gives you mental stress like caging you in, and you can’t succeed in your solution, you might try to speak to someone about it. If someone is giving you difficulty and maintaining that cage around you, speak up! A verbal sounding might open the eyes of the problem maker. Something will happen!

If your cage is an emotional one, then you might consider your options. Are your emotions being held ransom by a person? Are you overly dependent on a person for emotional support? If you think you’re not fairly treated, talk to that person. If you have tried your avenues and there were no changes, then it may be time to free yourself.

Dreaming of a bird cage or any cage, may refer to the cage you constructed around yourself. Many times, we often put the blame on other people. We forget to look inwards at our faults and weaknesses. The dream imagery of a cage can mean we have put up walls of restriction because we tell ourselves we can’t do some things. We can try to break free from this artificial cage by re-programming our minds. We should tell ourselves, we can do it. You can brainstorm for alternative solutions. I’m sure you can break through artificial barriers.

If you are hiding yourself, like writing under a pseudonym, you might dream of being inside a cage. You are confined in a space that is set by the perimeter of your fake name.

If you are working in a certain occupation, but feel uncomfortable because your personal ethics or work ethics are being violated, then you might dream of being shut in a bird cage or any kind of cage. Only you know what you should do to resolve your personal dilemma.

Dreaming you are in a cage but not upset about it:
Just as a cage is restricting, it can also protect. Being inside a cage protects one from the dangers outside the cage. The dangers can be from bad people, animals, and situations. A cage can be a good thing in this sense.

Dreaming of a cage with someone else inside it:
If you dream of seeing someone you know inside a bird cage or cage, then it is your opinion of that person. During your daytime interactions with that person, you have seen their constraints and this information has affected you so much that it pops up as a dream image.

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