Mindful Doodles comic strip

This post aims to receive response by floating the proposal of Mindful Doodles comic strip. I used to run Mindful Doodles, for about 500 posts. I’m floating the idea of continuing Mindful Doodles, or Picture Journal, in comic strip format. What do you think?


Relook into Mindful Doodles comic strip

This post calls for a relook into Mindful Doodles comic strip. A whole series called Mindful Doodles has been posted here. Please type mindful doodles into the search box and click on the linked post titles to view. There are around 500 posts.

Introduction to cartoon character in Mindful Doodles in artmater.com

Response: 3.

What older adults do: Mindful Doodles

What do older adults do? When time for romantic love has passed, what is left is the future generations. Some older adults spend time generating good for the future generations. They take care of the younger generation, organize activities for the young and etc.

“Loveless” older adults focus on generativity.

Escaping ordinary in claw machine: Mindful Doodles

Can you imagine being stuck in a claw machine? You yearn to escape from your ordinary reality, which is being the prize toy in a claw machine. Once in a while, a human drops a token coin into the slot of your machine. The mechanical claw moves to position itself to grab you. Then the claw reaches down. It grabs you. It loses its grasp. You can’t escape from the confines of this machine. You have a feeling of doom that you’re going to be stuck here forever.

Do you feel your life is going nowhere? Do you desire to escape the ordinary and live to the fullness of the spectrum of life?

Prompt from Michelle Cook – escaping ordinary.

Trying to grab a soft toy prize in a claw machine. Won on the 6th try.

Poetry in Comics

Poem in Comics

Poem #1 (free style).

Its been XX years.

I continue to hurt.

“Stop dwelling on it” says a lawyer.

“Help others to forget your pain” says a businesswoman-philanthropist.

“Be positive” says a life coach.

Poem #1

What should it be?

Poem #1 continued.

All of those above.

Note – If you have something to add, please leave a comment mentioning the Poem Number (Poem # _ ).

Poem #1 features my Twitter friends. You know who you are. 🙂


Coming soon – Poem in Comics #2

Couldn’t afford university: Mindful Doodles #517

Mindful Doodles #517 – Couldn’t afford university

A journal prompt asks “What is one of the biggest regrets in your life when you were young?”


In any one country, there is a percentage of parents who refuse, or can’t send their child to University.

I’ll like to think they didn’t because they couldn’t afford to.

Anyway, I did study for my tertiary education. All three degrees. It was very late and too late to get on the ladder. However, I’m here and very grateful to be alive. I still believe I can make things work out. I renewed my faith in the one and only awesome God.

Thank you, God!

Picture was drawn using my left hand, which is not my usual hand for writing & drawing.

Writing prompt “renew“.