What’s he smoking? Mindful Doodles #504

Mindful Doodles #504 –
What is he smoking? Since the cigarette foil is likely to be empty, then what had he been smoking to cause his behavior to be such?

He displays a type of OCD. He is dependent on his ciggie. So much so that he has to hold one in his hand, for that mental assurance, emotional support and psychological boost.

Dreaming of cigarettes.

He was a tall, thin man in his older adulthood. He was standing at the elevator lobby, waiting to catch a ride down. He had a nervous tic in his eyes. He was twitching his eyes frequently. It was un-natural; more like an agent was pinging his nerves and eyelid muscles. He held a small roll of paper tube, clinched between his lips. Then, he started to hold it in his right hand. He started to smoke that small tube. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The building was fully air conditioned. Smoking was banned. Wait a minute. There was no smoke emitting from his small scroll. He was faux smoking. There was another man standing at this same elevator lobby. He didn’t flinch. Mind your own business if you know what’s good for you.

The elevator arrived. The digital indicator showed it was ascending. The “smoker” wanted to descend so he caught another elevator.

What was with all that fake smoking? He was addicted to smoking, which was shown by his need to clip his tube between his lips. He was obsessed with smoking, which was seen with his actions of drawing cigarette smoke and the accompanying actions moving the tube to his lips and then away.

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