Meaning of dreaming of babysitting friend’s boy: Mindful Doodles #480

Mindful Doodles #480 – Meaning of dreaming of babysitting friend’s boy

This young woman who has never done any babysitting of children, suddenly dreams that her friend asked her to babysit her son. The friend’s son is 4 years old. At least in the dream, it was told that the boy is four years old. The young lady had to bring this boy out as she had errands to run. The season was autumn or winter or spring. The boy wore a jacket because the weather was cold. However, he was playful and he removed his jacket. The dream ended abruptly when the woman woke up.

Meaning of dream of babysitting a friend’s son.

Dreaming of babysitting – This means being placed in a position of responsibility.

Dreaming of a female friend – This hints that the dreamer’s best friends are female. As dreams continue themes in waking life, it means the dreamer’s close friends are female and this is why one such friend is featured in this dream.

Meaning of dreaming of a young child – If the child was a female, I would have suggested that the dreamer had conjured up the image of herself when she was young. As the dream imagery was a male child, I would hypothesize that the dreamer may have nursed a secret wish for a younger brother or to experience spending time with a young boy. Going along with this hypothesis, this dream would be a wish fulfillment.

Dreaming of a child who is four years old – The number four could be having some significance in the dreamer’s life. Maybe four is the dreamer’s lucky number in life, which is why her dream imagery has the number four in it.

Dreaming of the cold season – The dreamer’s favorite weather is cold weather so it is only natural that her dream features her favorite kind of weather. Maybe that season has some significance in her waking life.

Dream analysis – The separate components of dream imagery are all about the dreamer’s favorite desires in waking life.


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