June 21 2024

This day on June 21 2024, these happened to me:

  1. I went grocery shopping to re-stock essentials.
  2. I prepared and ate lunch before going out.
  3. Surprise! The skip, a construction waste collection bin, obstructed entry into a house I was visiting. Workers had parked the skip right at the main gate. We were devastated. This trip was wasted. I couldn’t get in. I messaged the contractor. He was positively encouraging that he could get the driver to remove the bin in time for us to enter the driveway. A while later, bad news was texted. The driver would only be coming tomorrow around noon.
  4. I tried to squeeze my way past the bin and gate. June 21 2024 marks my first day ever negotiating past a huge construction metallic container, to enter a house’s front porch. May there never be any more of this, like 21 June 2024.
  5. My side duty was to water the potted plants.
  6. My main duty was to wait for the cabling contractor to discuss a potential assignment for him. I called him to warn him of the inconvenient entry. He was desperate for work so he insisted on coming for site inspection and discussion.
  7. Three men have arrived. Only one rotund tummy rubbed against the skip.
  8. The usual site inspection and discussion ensued.
  9. At the finale, one man said to his colleague, “We worked and not even a drink was offered.” The boss said, “Presently, there’s nothing in the house. No drinks.”
  10. After the wrap, they kissed the skip goodbye.
  11. Our turn to avoid rubbing against the skip.
  12. And we’re on our way to the bus stop.
  13. Back home, the rest of the day was uneventful.