Leave for safety

A woman, man, or child, when trapped in a difficult situation, will feel sad. Slowly, this emotion soaks through to form depression. Theoretically, it takes two weeks for depression to be diagnosed. When there is no solution, or path out of the context, the mind thinks of flight. Not the physical flight by removal of self from place. It is the flight that ends everything.

I don’t advocate fight. Often, it is not plausible to fight against a strong opponent. I suggest the physical removal of self to a safe house. Leave for safety. The oppressor does not deserve to gloat over their victory.

Many women, children and men are alive here today, because they leave for safety.

Writing prompt is a quote; “The circle of an empty day is brutal and at night it tightens around your neck like a noose.”, taken from the book “The Days of Abandonment” by Elena Ferrante.

Mirror image

Are you a man or a woman? Do you have a child? If yes, is your kid a mirror image of you? I have seen my relatives’ children. While many of them are not mirror images of their parents, there are precious few who possess some close resemblance to one of their parents.

I resemble my father in many of my facial features. What about yourself? Do you resemble either your father or mother?

Writing prompt.


I was very sad when I lost somebody near and dear to me. I was on the verge of collapse. I didn’t know how I could carry on. I worked very hard to make ends meet. Life became better when I grew confident at taking care of myself. Now, I tell others not to collapse. Keep going. Life does get better.

Writing prompt – collapse.

I see him in the sky

This post honors all people who have died during the past week. I was deeply touched by the sudden and untimely death of a young man in my local community. Thousands of others have mourned his passing. More so because he was taken even before his prime. He was posed to make a comeback in his career. He had prepared his foundations to switch his career path, albeit in the same industry. His body is returned to earth, but his spirit soars free in the Universe.

The writing website’s picture prompt photo suggests that a man (or person) is in the night sky of the galaxy, floating with the constellations of stars. I would like to imagine that the deceased man’s spirit is liberated to soar even higher than his mortal body would. I want to say that I see him in the sky.

There are many other posts from this blog about seeing dead people in dreams.

Picture prompt.


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Dreaming of a crowd of people.

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When the sea bit my ankles

There was one time I had a misshap at sea and that incident is what I would call as when the sea bit my ankles. This is what happened. I was out at sea rowing my inflatable dingy. I got far out at sea. I was shocked to see the coastline looking curved. I saw with my own eyes, what Pythagoras’ theory meant. The earth is round. I felt a strange pull out, towards farther out into the ocean of water. I was afraid that I couldn’t row back to shore. The current was also pulling me away. I panicked and started rowing. I didn’t stop until I reached the shore. I was so relieved. This was one of the times I felt that the sea bit my ankles and frightened me.

Prompt: The sea bit my ankles.

Elvis Presley relevant in 2019

It has been 50 years, or half a century, since Elvis Presley’s 1968 “Comeback Special”. It was Presley’s first live TV appearance since 1961. NBC has hired Blake Shelton to host a special commemoration called “Elvis All-Star Tribute Special”. This is scheduled to televise on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019, at 9/8c. Even a comeback TV show deserves its own comeback, 50 years on. The one off TV musical promises to entertain old fans, as well as win over new ones from this present generation.

There will be a mini re-creation of Preley’s original comeback musical of December 3 1968. That was his first TV show, since 1961, when he briefly went into seclusion. Preley wore a black leather jumpsuit. In 2019, Blake Shelton is expected to be dressed similarly, to restage that magical Elvis moment. This new 2019 one time musical show has Steve Binder as its director and Ken Ehrlich as producer. The latter has plenty of experience with Grammy Awards TV shows.

Have you ever dreamed of a great singer like Elvis Presley? Those who were close to him, or had met him, might have dreamed about him. I hope NBC makes a good program worthy of the King of Rock and Roll.

Writing prompt.

Dream of singing.


Gratitude for One-Liner Wednesday – Click on the link to read what this is about. This week the theme is about gratitude. Thanks be to God for sustaining me in bad times. I never thought I would survive the dark years but here I am!

List of things I’m grateful for:
1) My doctor discovered my health problems and saved my life!
2) I discovered I could walk a longer distance comfortably.

Linda Hill’s badge for #1linerWeds.

Dreaming to live

In my formative years, I was dreaming to live. I built castles in the air, to sustain my hope, while I struggled to make sense of my existence.

There were countless times in my past where I could have died under tough circumstances. God kept me my head above water and alive. When I was younger, I was goaded into windsurfing by a bully. I was blown out into sea and lacked skills and strength to sail towards the shore. I took down my sail and laid flat on my board. Using my arms, I paddled towards shore. This is a figurative example. There are others where I was in a road accident, facing starvation, and a few more in near decapitating incidents. God saved me. Alleluia.

Music Challenge #38.