Friendly Fill-Ins #6

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1. Never have I ever ____________________. (done any winter sports)

2. I won’t ________________ again. (eat very spicy food)

3. I believe I have good knowledge of _________. (dream analysis)

4. _________ is my worst enemy. (Caffeine after 12 noon)

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Dreaming of broken families

I wish I could think of a better and positive six sentence story to write on this dream for broken families but I can’t quite yet visualize one, as I need practice to think and consciously write positive stories, because my state of equilibrium is negative, even though I have no major, pressing grievances.

I have a small background in healthcare and the prompt howl immediately brought back memories of how patients would howl to express their frustration even when they experience no physical pain.

I used to take cab rides to my place of volunteer work in a mental health hospital and before my driver dropped me off at the porch, he would hear patients’ howls which echoed off the high ceilings in the wards, even though the entire hospital was air-conditioned and pretty much sealed.

The howls sounded as if patients were tortured and this couldn’t be farther from the truth but this was tough to explain to sane people who have never seen mental illness, so the drivers asked me if I was afraid to work inside the hospital as they assumed all patients would express violent behaviors towards staff.

Many patients have recovered or ready to be re-integrated into society but their families have abandoned them, thus they have nowhere to stay and remain in long term care as wards of the state.

No matter where we live in the world, many of us “burdened beasts” complain about our state not doing enough to ease our lot but seeing how the country loves and pays indefinitely for the sustenance of her unfortunate residents, I was moved; to plead for families to bond and help one another progress onward in life’s journey – that is the common dream for broken families.


The link below is a sample of my comic based on experiences in the mental health care facility.

Mental Health Comic #10 .

Prompt “howl” from Sunday Six Sentence Stories from blog.

Dream analysis of seeing a doctor.

Not dreaming of unwinding

I’m not dreaming of unwinding.

Its difficult to take special time off to travel far on a trip, to unwind. It has been a few years since I traveled overseas for recreation. I’ve given up hoping to travel to take a break from routine life. Instead, I utilize almost every excursion outdoors, as a mini break to refresh and recharge myself. I love the fact that I’m still able to walk on my own accord. I have sufficient freedom to select my destination, and allocate time to accomplish my mission. Its a big deal for me.

I used to live under different circumstances, when I couldn’t walk out of the house, was unfamiliar of the geography to walk to do basic grocery shopping, had insufficient fulfillment of primary and secondary needs, was in weak health, had to spend one third of the day cooking for just five people, and was not well at all.

My life now is bliss. I can live a peaceful life. I can’t ask for more unwinding. Thank you, God.

Presently, unwinding is not urgently required.

Prompt from Weekly Prompts is unwinding.

Friendly Fill-Ins #1

This is a fun blog activity which I got from when I participated in another prompt writing activity.

Friendly Fill-Ins are easy to do. There are four statements. The first two statements are worded by Ellen of 15AndMeowing, and the last two by Lorianne The Menagerie Mom of Four-Legged Furballs. The linkup will be posted at or about 12:00 AM on Friday. Please head over to one of their sites, link up, and share your thoughts!       

1. I love it when __________________________.
2. I know it’s time to _________________ when ________________.
3. Others come to me when they need _________.
4. We should never take _________ for granted.

My responses are in bold:

1. I love it when I get to take photos of cats on the streets.
2. I know it’s time to feed my pet terrapins when they fidget in their tank.
3. Others come to me when they need a smile.
4. We should never take life for granted.

I had been thinking about practicing drawing cats and how to show readers my sketches. I guess this is a group of bloggers who might be interested to look at cat doodles.

Are you from Ashburn?

If you’re from Ashburn, I would like to say thank you! I have no idea why readers from Ashburn are visiting. Hope its all good.

If you’re from elsewhere, please accept my thanks too.

Dear Everybody,
Thanks for visiting this blog.

This shows Devotion

The UK has just celebrated Mother’s Day. Devotion spent by mothers is returned by grateful children. I try to present my Mother with a small bouquet of flowers every year. Sometimes, I buy a flower arrangement done by a store. Sometimes, I buy a bunch of random flowers, packed in a plastic wrap.

If you are in a part of the world that has seen Mother’s Day 2019, how have you celebrated Mother’s Day?


This is a typical bunch of flowers in a plastic wrap. The florist or flower seller has grouped together three different colors of carnations and made this into a simple bunch sans flower arrangement.

The day robots take over

The day robots take over
Its dangerous to be over dependent on robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI). When I was studying a module on the human brain, neurology and intelligence, I was asked to watch a video on how small robots rearranged themselves. These tiny robots were not programmed with specific instructions but when left alone, they chose to cling together, to form a bigger structure. Strength lies in unity. It scared me to see how robots had their own AI to conclude that they were adhere together to face the future. Since they were capable of independent behavior, then there is a possibility there will come a day when robots take over humans. What if they formed large robots that are bigger than humans? What if they decide to follow their own agenda? Like taking over humans? Will robots become masters and humans become slaves?

Watch these videos to see how robots can have their own minds to decide.

Writing prompt.

Other references:
Robots can kill.

Drawing prompts for themed series

Drawing prompts for themed series are needed. I’m searching online for my lost Muse. If you find her, please direct her here. Thank you.

Dear Muse,

Hello. How are you? It has been some time when you last visited me. I’m looking for you now. I need your help to create quality art. You can also ask your friends to drop by and give me some inspiration. I need to choose a theme and continue the same theme to create a series. Won’t you please drop some ideas here? My human fellow writers are too busy to visit my blog. I often search online for writing prompts and drawing prompts. Sometimes, I can reflect and draw upon the ideas. Other times, I’m at a loss. I need themes that resonate with me, in order to generate a whole series of drawings.

Thank you.

Your grateful protege.

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