Dream of climbing

Short story/ Flash Fiction on “Climbing”.
“Just one more step”, he told himself. “I don’t need to tether myself to the foothold. I can make it. This climb is as light as air.” He heard a whooshing sound as the wind rushed past him. The ground came to meet him.

Background of story.
The psychologist Carl Jung used to narrate the story of his good friend, who loved to go mountain climbing. This man talked to Jung about his dream. He said he had a dream where he was climbing up a mountain higher and higher, until he felt like he was stepping into thin air. Jung was afraid for his friend as he was familiar with dream analysis. He understood the dream symbol and its meaning. Jung begged his friend not to go climbing again. The fellow guffawed at Jung’s cautiousness. He loved the exhilarating feeling of climbing. Wild horses couldn’t drag him away from his favorite pursuit. While he had respect for Jung, he couldn’t stay away from his love. One day, Jung received the bad news that his friend had been climbing, when he stepped out into thin air. At high altitude, the man probably succumbed to low air pressure and reduced amount of oxygen in the air. He could have gotten confused and disorientated when he stepped out into air and fell to his death.

Dream of climbing
In other words, to dream of climbing means you have lofty ambitions. You desire to reach a higher rung of the social and economic ladder. You want to farther yourself.

Jan. 26 2017 dream:
I dreamed someone had forced me to climb up a mountain. It was steep and dangerous to run or walk quickly up the face of this mountain. Running was very risky as the terrain was rocky and steep. The other side of the mountain was even worse, as it had a cliff.

Climbing up the mountain according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory.

Dreaming of amber

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, First Line Fridays, short fiction:

Amber light streamed down from the arched windows, splattering the altar and their upturned faces. The scene with orange light was exactly what she saw in her dream. She had checked on the dream interpretation of seeing the color orange and it was good. Orange promised a new beginning, which was what she desired. Seeing the amber light in real life was like deja vu. She was assured she made the right decision by marrying John. She would deal with the downside later.

Repeat Performance

She dreamed of her mother-in-law. What happened in her dream was a repeat performance of a typical episode in the past. According to the dream analysis of the imagery, this implied she had thought about her living relative. Although the dream was not positive, it hinted of the urge to reconcile, for nostalgia, if not anything else. The image of her blood splattered on the wall flashed across her mind. She shuddered.

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Verbal abuse breaks.

Dreaming of abuse and blood.

Dreaming of strawberries

Strawberries are a red color fruit. The dream symbol of strawberry can be interpreted as a sweet delight coming your way. Since a strawberry is a soft fruit, it can get crushed and damaged easily. The meaning of this dream can be a reminder for you to treat yourself with care and respect.

In the real world, anti-social people have tampered with the wholesome image of strawberries by doing this:

Countdown on Australia Choice strawberries
Choice strawberries produced in Western Australia are sold locally and exported to New Zealand. Some boxes of Choice strawberries sold in Countdown were discovered to contain embedded needles.

My Metaphorical Bridges

My Metaphorical Bridges – An essay inspired by the bridges of Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania.

We love to build interpersonal bridges for networking. We build bridges around us and extend them backwards and forwards in time. We’re told never to burn a bridge because we never know when we need to cross them or recross them. In fact, I wouldn’t be here blogging if I lacked my bridges to cross over from harm. I am grateful to people who maintained those bridges for almost my entire lifetime. They did all the toil to ensure I would have a path to journey to safety. Although I sustained collateral damage, I am still intact. I just have to heal. I have done too many perilous crossings to recount the number of incidents.

To all my bridge builders and maintenance team: I love you. May you keep the torches burning bright for all travelers who need to use your life saving bridges. You’re all heroes and heroines.

150 words for this new Staurday’s What Pegman Saw in Pittsburg, Pennsylvannia.

Dreaming of a Castle

I have a friend who told me that she dreamed of a castle. This is not the first time she had a dream of a castle. In fact the theme of castle has been recurring in her dreams. She sees this dream symbol frequently in her dreams, but not every day. Her dreams depend on what she has experienced during her day. She is a student at a university and is under pressure to perform well in her academic work. Thus, she is stressed over her homework and tests. At night, she often dreams about themes related to her school, school work, examinations and grades. On the days when she did not feel tensed and worried about school, she would dream of castles and big houses. In her life, big houses denote luxury, comfort and a better life. In waking reality, she desires to live in a big house. In her dream, she continues to pursue this theme, as her dreams materialize.

Photo prompt of a castle.

The dream image of a castle may refer to your place of rule, like your home, or your space. You guard your boundaries and intruders face your wrath. The state of your castle indicates the state of your health and wealth. If your dream image shows a well kept castle, it means you are doing well in waking life. If the dream image shows a castle that is bad condition or in ruins, it means you are not doing well in waking life. The castle is a metaphor which has latent meaning.

The idiom “To build castles in the air” refers to dreams of aspirations.

Dreamed of old partner

Spider silk clung at the doors, over the windows, and over everything she had left behind. He couldn’t bear to clean up because he loathed to disturb her last touch of their home. He held out in the belief that she would return. He dreamed of his old partner nightly. It has been 11 years.

Common dreams – swimming, insect, spider, scorpion.

Dreaming of magic mushrooms

Dreaming of magic mushrooms may not be a bad thing. Pop culture has a less savory connotation for magic mushrooms. We’re going to discuss only the good kind of mushroom, which is a fungus. It has good nutritional values. According to a nutrition website, a mushroom has “Dietary Fiber, Protein, Vitamin C, Folate, Iron, Zinc and Manganese, and a very good source of Vitamin D, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper and Selenium”.

The meaning of a mushroom dream depends on your culture and what you hold as beliefs related to this symbol. If you already are in possession of knowledge about the health benefits of mushrooms, then your dream of them may be a hint saying you might like to eat mushrooms.

If you are in need of better nutrients, you may dream of mushrooms as your brain reminds you of their benefits and encourages you to get some.

If you are not consciously aware of the health benefits of mushrooms, you might have come across some information on them, which has been stored in your brain. The drea of mushrooms only served to remind you of them.

Alternatively, you might have seen mushrooms somewhere in daytime, and the image triggered an old memory of them, to be played in your dream.

Photo prompt on glowing mushrooms.