Life has changed since Covid-19

I was at home reading the newspapers when I first read about the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China. It was in December 2019. I didn’t think it would travel out of Wuhan. I thought it would be a localized disease. Slowly, this novel coronavirus traveled overseas and infected many people in my country. There was a shortage of face masks, hand sanitizers and thermometers. Panic buying had depleted the stocks. Next went food staples. And toilet paper.

I had been working from home intermittently for the past decade or so. I’m used to working from home. When the local authorities said almost everything must shut down for social distancing, quarantine and anti-Covid-19 measures, I felt a small tinge of regret. I already had little social interaction and this new announcement would nearly totally eliminate my need to speak to anybody outside my home. I went out only for grocery shopping and to my doctor’s clinic. I stopped walking around the neighborhood to exercise because was afraid of catching Covid-19. I had to buy non-grocery requirements online. Books, stationery, clothes.

My hometown was slow to respond. When it became apparent that crowds were vulnerable to catching infections, social distancing was called for. My city has many construction developments and their builders lived in dormitories that could house thousands in a building. The builders used to mingle in construction projects and social activities. Subsequently, their close contact across physical spaces made them susceptible to catching infections. Covid-19 testing determined positive results which irrevocably told who had the illness.

Many people stuck at home started baking bread and confectioneries out of necessity and comfort. I couldn’t operate my gas oven because it wasn’t safe. Plus, I wasn’t allowed to gain weight as that would wreck havoc on my blood pressure. My life was made easier during the lockdown phase of Covid-19.

I think the world will be changed because of Covid-19. My region wants to establish their own supply and demand chain to feed the local community. There would be multiple sources for any one item to ensure its regular supply availability. People are more aware of the need and benefit of social distancing. I saved time by not having to travel far to perform chores. I used this time to read books, or write. I bought books by indie authors. I learned some good lessons from them.

When at home, I dressed in my home clothes. These are essentially T-shirts and shorts. If I had to go out for groceries or to the clinic, I wore a pair of long pants and a blouse. I learned I was feeling sad and then slightly depressed during the first period of lockdown for isolation. I didn’t think I would last very long. After 6 months, it became clear that a vaccine wasn’t going to be ready anytime soon. I resigned myself to the fate of living with Covid-19 lurking in some human beings.

This is not the end of this story. I’m sure there’s more to write after today, October 6, 2020.

Wash all new fabrics before use during pandemic (pic #13)

I know it is a brand new cloth but it has been placed on the shelves of the store for ages before I brought it home. Covid-19 has been raging for the past 9 months. Many incoming travelers have tested positive for the virus. It is safer to wash the fabric before you handle it intimately to cut your desired pattern for sewing.

Wash new fabrics before handling them to cut for pattern making and sewing.

COVID-19 comic #37

Coronavirus Disease 2019 made face mask seem like second skin.

Only sick people should wear face masks to prevent coughing and sneezing into the air and onto other people. But not all sick people will wear face masks. Sometimes they don’t own a face mask. Sometimes they don’t think they are sick enough to warrant wasting a face mask on themselves. Somebody said, “I’m out of work. If I don’t make 23 cents a day, how can I spend 23 cents on a face mask?”

COVID-19 comic #36

COVID-19 – don’t shake hands. Use non-contact greetings.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 – virus is suspected to spread via contact, as well as airborne particles. Stop shaking hands. Be like the “untouchables” until further notice.

COVID-19 comic #34

Temperature screening to check for COVID-19.

The kids, yes even the college kids and university kids, like to collect paraphenalia related to the present crisis of Coronavirus Disease 2019. The stickers are cute, they say.