Dreaming of desk

One night, I dreamed I was sitting at my desk. It was made of wood, with an elevated writing surface. This top surface was a panel that could be lifted to reveal a storage compartment beneath the table top. This desk was actually what I used, when I was a very young student in elementary school.

This is a drawing of that desk (side view).

Dreaming of desk.

Dreaming of a desk usually means there is writing and other clerical work to be done, hence the table top is necessary. Sometimes, the dream image can be one that you used in your life. The time frame when you used that desk, may hold some special meaning.

In my dream, the time when I used that particular model of desk, was when I was a young student. My dream was one of nostalgia.

Prompt from The Daily Spur, is desk, for Aug. 19 2019.

Meaning of dream of locked door

If you dream of locked door, it usually means bad news. The door is locked and you have no access to what is beyond the door. If you had been waiting for news, this may be your answer. If you had applied for a new job, the dream says the door is locked to you. If you had been seeking an answer to a question, the locked door says no.

Dreaming of searching for back door.

Photo prompt – locked main door from The Daily Spur.

Dreaming of trip

Dreaming of airplane.

If you were dreaming of a trip, it might mean good news for you. Your subconscious brain may have received information during your day, that you might be going on a trip. Your brain then triggers dream imagery about going for a trip.

Prompt from The Daily Spur is trip.

Dreaming of jellyfish

What does dreaming of a jellyfish mean? Perhaps you have dreamed of meeting a jellyfish while swimming in the sea. Its natural to see dream imagery of a jellyfish because it belongs in the ocean. Your dream would include as many natural elements as possible because a dream would simulate waking life.

The illustration includes a brief writing on the gist of the meaning behind dreaming of a jellyfish. Its a warning of what could happen.

Dreaming of jellyfish.

Prompt is photo of baby jellyfish posted by The Daily Spur, for August 19 2019.

Dreaming of damage

Dreaming of flood.

There have been many changes in the climate, which are largely attributed to global warming. Some areas which had been arid, may receive large quantities of rainfall, and cause damage.

If you dream that your home or office has been damaged by flood or other causes, you should take note of this dream, by preparing to handle the consequences, if your dream comes true.

Prompt – The Daily Spur hosts “damage” word prompt for Aug. 18 2019.

Dreaming of camera

Meaning of dreaming of camera.

Everyone’s gone digital camera. No. Not quite. I’m still old school. I like to use a vintage camera with film.

What does dreaming of a camera mean?

For me, it means I miss taking pictures. Its because I love taking photographs. This liking has triggered my dream of my camera.

Prompt – photo prompt on vintage Kodak camera. For August 17 2019.

Dreaming of woman at beach

What does it mean when you dream of seeing a woman at the beach?

If you’re a woman and dream of yourself at the beach, it can mean you have a secret desire to visit the beach.

If you’re a woman and dream of seeing another woman at the beach, it can mean you wish to meet an old friend or make a new friend at the beach.

If you’re a man and dream of seeing a woman at the beach, it can mean you wish to meet a suitable friend at this recreation spot.

Dancing woman at beach.

Prompt from The Daily Spur for Aug. 16/17 2019 – photo prompt shows woman sitting on sandy beach.