Dreaming of desk

One night, I dreamed I was sitting at my desk. It was made of wood, with an elevated writing surface. This top surface was a panel that could be lifted to reveal a storage compartment beneath the table top. This desk was actually what I used, when I was a very young student in elementary school.

This is a drawing of that desk (side view).

Dreaming of desk.

Dreaming of a desk usually means there is writing and other clerical work to be done, hence the table top is necessary. Sometimes, the dream image can be one that you used in your life. The time frame when you used that desk, may hold some special meaning.

In my dream, the time when I used that particular model of desk, was when I was a young student. My dream was one of nostalgia.

Prompt from The Daily Spur, is desk, for Aug. 19 2019.

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