Dream of injured nose

If you dream of injured nose, it means you might lose your prestige, or social position.

Sometimes, a dream symbol is associated with a cultural meaning. Like we are familiar with the story of Pinocchio and how his nose grew longer whenever he told a lie.

Likewise, the dream interpretation can say that the social position was a lie and the dreamer might be losing it.

Dream that a frog ate your phone

If you dream that a frog ate your phone, it can mean you were using your phone excessively. You may have become too attached to it and you fear something might happen to it. You’re losing your confidence because you had depended on your phone excessively. This dream that a frog ate your phone, has used unusual dream imagery but the symbolism is there.

A second tier of meaning can be derived by looking at the dream symbol of the frog, an amphibian which croaks. It makes noise, just like a person who talks too much on the phone. The frog may have eaten your phone to prevent you from using it. Perhaps the frog felt threatened by you, who was the other living thing that talked too much.

In your real life, do you know someone who talks a lot and may be your competitor? If yes, that person could be represented by the frog in the dream.

Dream of dog with bars in its eyes

If you dream of a dog with bars in its eyes, you can’t stare into its eyes to see its soul. This dream can mean this dog is owned. If you see an owner near this dog, then this interpretation matches.

Some dreamers may see animals being led on leashes, which are held on by owners who they recognize. For instance, a woman may dream of her ex-boyfriend holding onto a leashed dog/ cat. This dream image is powerful. The leashed animal may be a dream symbol representing the former partner, who was controlled tightly. In this case, that partner was you. This dream imagery may also be predictive of the kind of events that could happen in the future. The ex maybe holding onto another relationship that is unequal and has elements of bondage.

Dream you had a haircut

If you dreamed you had a haircut, it can mean you underwent a transformation. A haircut changes your appearance so this dream symbol might mean you had a change. The change may be physical/ mental/ spiritual/ emotional or even metaphorical. The change refers to something you experienced in your life in your present circumstances.

Dream your computer exploded

If you had a dream that your computer exploded, it can mean that your p.c. is having a problem, or your work that was done on your computer has a problem. The explosion is a dream symbol to say your work will be destroyed, or it will fail.

Dream seeing ex-lover with knife

If you dream of seeing your ex-lover with a knife, it usually means a dream of remembrance. The dream symbol of the knife means severance. In reality, you know your relationship has been cut. Your brain merely repeats this knowledge, by putting together a dream with the dream symbol.

Dreaming of leopard is warning

Dreaming of leopard is a warning of a threat. This wild animal is dangerous to humans. This dream may have been triggered by a situation of threat. The brain has created an image of a predatory animal like a leopard. This animal is a threat.

This dream symbol can stand for someone or something that is strong, powerful and deadly.

Leopard print cat.


The background was stamped. The leopard cat was painted in orange layer, then added with the spots.