Dream seeing ex-lover with knife

If you dream of seeing your ex-lover with a knife, it usually means a dream of remembrance. The dream symbol of the knife means severance. In reality, you know your relationship has been cut. Your brain merely repeats this knowledge, by putting together a dream with the dream symbol.

What has happened to your ex-lover in waking reality? Were there symptoms of violence in their behaviors that triggered this dream? What made you think that they could resort to holding a knife to confront you?

After you broke up with your ex-lover, did that person experience difficulties adjusting to their new norm?

Did you see in that person, symptoms like sadness, loss of concentration, stress, or irrational thoughts? These are common symptoms of Adjustment Disorder. The good news is that it is a short term illness found in 5 – 20% of mental health problems. After the stressor disappears, adjustment disorder also slowly fades away.

Maybe you imagined problems coming from your broken relationship. Your thoughts may trigger dreams on this topic. maybe you’re the one suffering from stress and you’re having problems coping with the split. Your stress and imagination could trigger dreams that were invented.

How to manage stress:

  1. Improve your problem solving skills.
  2. Manage your emotions.
  3. Ask for prescription medication like anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety medicines. These are short term aids in coping with stress.
  4. Help patient to see their situation in different operspectives.
  5. Discuss how their situation can be brought under their control.
  6. Focus on what can be done.

The person who thinks they are suffering from any mental illness, should consult a professional like a psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor, or therapist. Treatment for Adjustment Disorder is usually short term psychotherapy, to help the patient develop healthy coping methods to deal with their stress.