COVID-19 comic #37

Coronavirus Disease 2019 made face mask seem like second skin.

Only sick people should wear face masks to prevent coughing and sneezing into the air and onto other people. But not all sick people will wear face masks. Sometimes they don’t own a face mask. Sometimes they don’t think they are sick enough to warrant wasting a face mask on themselves. Somebody said, “I’m out of work. If I don’t make 23 cents a day, how can I spend 23 cents on a face mask?”

COVID-19 comic #36

COVID-19 – don’t shake hands. Use non-contact greetings.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 – virus is suspected to spread via contact, as well as airborne particles. Stop shaking hands. Be like the “untouchables” until further notice.

COVID-19 comic #34

Temperature screening to check for COVID-19.

The kids, yes even the college kids and university kids, like to collect paraphenalia related to the present crisis of Coronavirus Disease 2019. The stickers are cute, they say.

COVID-19 comic #30

The cruise ship Diamond Princess is turning out to be an incubation hotbed of COVID-19, aka Coronavirus Disease 2019.

February 16 2020: 285 tested positive with COVID-19 from cruise ship Diamond Princess.