2019 Novel Coronavirus comic #18

Once bitten twice shy. Once one has learned a lesson, one wants to prepare in advance to avoid the same pitfall.

When 2019 Novel Coronavirus started outside its country of origin, face masks ran out of stock. People wore face masks like it was in fashion. Hand sanitizers were snapped up by the dozens. Antiseptic alcohol was the next favorite sanitizer. In no time, all face masks disappeared from online sellers.

Online grocers struggled to fulfill orders.

2019 Novel Coronavirus panic buying leads to hoarding groceries.

2019 Novel Coronavirus comic #16

2019 Novel Coronavirus national alert using Dorscon scale, stimulates shoppers into panic buying. Groceries and even toilet rolls fly off shelves. Some shoppers fill entire carts full of toilet rolls.

Coronavirus Dorscon alert sends people into panic hoarding of groceries and toilet rolls.

2019 Novel Coronavirus comic #15

When your country’s Dorscon level alert is raised one notch up, residents go into panic mode. Groceries fly off the shelves because people want to prepare for the worst case scenario. Will I be allowed to go shopping for groceries? What if I get quarantine orders served to me and I don’t have enough groceries for 14 days? What if I can’t get my groceries delivered to me via online shopping? Besides, I don’t want to pay extra for delivery. What if I get gastric pains? What if I get intestinal bleeding? If I call for an ambulance, my medical bill will be costly. What if I deplete my savings? What if I really fall sick and die? What will happen to my family? Who’s going to take over my role, responsibilities, chores, housework and a zillion matters?

I am not ready to get sick.

A gazillion number of shoppers swiped all goods off the shelves. And queued to make payment.