Dreaming of broken families

I wish I could think of a better and positive six sentence story to write on this dream for broken families but I can’t quite yet visualize one, as I need practice to think and consciously write positive stories, because my state of equilibrium is negative, even though I have no major, pressing grievances.

I have a small background in healthcare and the prompt howl immediately brought back memories of how patients would howl to express their frustration even when they experience no physical pain.

I used to take cab rides to my place of volunteer work in a mental health hospital and before my driver dropped me off at the porch, he would hear patients’ howls which echoed off the high ceilings in the wards, even though the entire hospital was air-conditioned and pretty much sealed.

The howls sounded as if patients were tortured and this couldn’t be farther from the truth but this was tough to explain to sane people who have never seen mental illness, so the drivers asked me if I was afraid to work inside the hospital as they assumed all patients would express violent behaviors towards staff.

Many patients have recovered or ready to be re-integrated into society but their families have abandoned them, thus they have nowhere to stay and remain in long term care as wards of the state.

No matter where we live in the world, many of us “burdened beasts” complain about our state not doing enough to ease our lot but seeing how the country loves and pays indefinitely for the sustenance of her unfortunate residents, I was moved; to plead for families to bond and help one another progress onward in life’s journey – that is the common dream for broken families.


The link below is a sample of my comic based on experiences in the mental health care facility.

Mental Health Comic #10 .

Prompt “howl” from Sunday Six Sentence Stories from girlieontheedge1.wordpress.com blog.

Dream analysis of seeing a doctor.


  1. Your Six this morning made me think of D.Avery’s contribution.

    For better or worse, we humans are heir to such a vast library of sounds, especially when in distress.
    A howl is surely the best of examples of the range of messages that can be conveyed.

    It can be loneliness, (but not a hopeless sort of alone, because the howl is still sent outwards to the world); it can be a message of pain, (but here again, there is an element of statement, an implied endurance, which, in turn, suggests a strength to endure) and finally, (or not), it can be a calling card.

    (Since I have been known to go way beyond, ‘good Six, enjoyed reading it’ in my comments, lol), lets think of a howl as that portion of the animal ancestor that accounts for most of the good and a lot of the bad in the human condition… defiance and a drive to connect with others, a strength even when in distress.

    ….er…. Hey! Great Six this week! Enjoyed reading it!

  2. Hi Clark. That was a nice analysis. Thanks for your input.

    Are you related to Denise? The both of you share the same surname.

    I learned the technique to write longer sentences after reading from a few bloggers in SSSS. Its quite an impressive blog hop.

  3. Hi, Larry. I read your post at https://eastelmhurstagogo.wordpress.com/2019/08/29/happy-halloween/
    I couldn’t leave a comment because of a technical error in your blog. It said –

    ERROR: please fill the required fields (name, email).

    This is what I typed out in your comment box

    You’re right. The stores have Halloween merchandise in their windows in August. Such is the rush to capitalize on opportunity. Guess the longest howl(er) would be the prize winner. Nice Six.

  4. “..to plead for families to bond and help one another progress onward in life’s journey – that is the common dream for broken families.”

    Oh, but that families would not abandon one another simply because (fill in the blank: too difficult, to embarrassing, don’t have the time…) That, is a dream. Yet, dreams can become reality. For some.
    Your 6 is a reminder that there is much happening around us that, unless touched by it personally, we have no occasion to take notice.

  5. Thought provoking six! Years ago I taught stress management and used a form of howling for an example. It did help. I’m happy you joined our six hop!

  6. Dear Lisa,
    I read your SSS but couldn’t comment. I liked your story about associating orange with such bad memories that the female character howled.

  7. Yikes, that’s quite an experience. Howling does get attention as well as provide release perhaps. Welcome to the Six Sentence Story family.

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