Bloom where you are planted

Bloom where you’re planted, for you were placed there for a reason.

When I was forced to relocate because of circumstances, I envied the trees. The trees who were given their chances to stand tall and majestic, and thrive, where they were planted. I failed to thrive where I was planted so I tried to survive in a new place. The environment threw challenges at me. There was rain, hail, dehydration, freeze, un-mentionable hardships and then liberation. I moved back to my birthplace. I looked at the trees again. I wonder if I should be like the trees, and stay in one place?

Prompt – a tree protected by a fence, more like a heritage tree.


  1. I like how you’ve likened your life to the tree. Should we stay where we’re planted? And yet, if done with care, often a tree will thrive when removed from a crowded maybe toxic environment and planted afresh where nutrients and daylight are in ample, unpolluted supply.

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