Elvis Presley relevant in 2019

It has been 50 years, or half a century, since Elvis Presley’s 1968 “Comeback Special”. It was Presley’s first live TV appearance since 1961. NBC has hired Blake Shelton to host a special commemoration called “Elvis All-Star Tribute Special”. This is scheduled to televise on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019, at 9/8c. Even a comeback TV show deserves its own comeback, 50 years on. The one off TV musical promises to entertain old fans, as well as win over new ones from this present generation.

There will be a mini re-creation of Preley’s original comeback musical of December 3 1968. That was his first TV show, since 1961, when he briefly went into seclusion. Preley wore a black leather jumpsuit. In 2019, Blake Shelton is expected to be dressed similarly, to restage that magical Elvis moment. This new 2019 one time musical show has Steve Binder as its director and Ken Ehrlich as producer. The latter has plenty of experience with Grammy Awards TV shows.

Have you ever dreamed of a great singer like Elvis Presley? Those who were close to him, or had met him, might have dreamed about him. I hope NBC makes a good program worthy of the King of Rock and Roll.

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