I Saw These People In Dreams (pictures)

Who are the people I saw in dreams? I saw these people in dreams.  I recognize myself, my family members, and others who are familiar to me. As dreams continue our themes in waking life, the images of people in dreams are real people.


Cartoon, doodle, drawing, painting of a woman.

My partner.

Drawing/ doodle/ cartoon/ sketch/ painting of a man.

My girl.

Drawing/ doodle/ cartoon/ sketch/ painting of a girl.

Random Cab Driver. I take cabs and public transport and don’t own a car to drive myself anywhere. Next time, I’ll be posting drawings of bus drivers and train drivers.

Cartoon/ doodle/ drawing/ sketch/ painting of a cab driver.

My girl friend who saw me through dark times.

Painted image of my girl friend who gave me a string of pearls.

My former tutor who taught me language.

Water color painting of ex tutor.

Someone in a coffin.

My deceased grandparents.

A woman’s memory of sharing a meal with her husband.

Middle aged people sky-diving.

Middle aged people living their dreams sky diving and parachuting.

Many women surrounding me.

Surrounded by people – personal space is limited.

A woman abusing me.

Verbal abuse.

A woman intruder fighting with me.


Passengers on a bus.

The Bus Ride With –

Saw angels in a dream.

Dream of angels.

I saw a relative snapping a picture but I was excluded from the group.

Dreaming of being excluded in group photo.

I saw two women fighting over a man.

Dreaming of confusion.

I saw a vegetable seller, a staffer in a college, a magician, a dog walker.


I saw my grandparents.

Dreaming of deceased relatives in their afterlife.

I saw a woman verbally abusing me.

Dreaming of abuse can mean self-criticism.

I saw a police person.

Dream of a person wearing a uniform.

I saw a nurse in my dream.

If you dream this …

I saw my grand-uncle in my dream.

Dream of uncle means protection.

I saw a ghost in a dream.

Dream of apparition, dream of ghost.

A common theme is seeing myself being excluded from a group.

Dreaming of taking group photo.

I saw myself suffering from tangled hair.

Dreaming of hair stuck…

I saw myself saying Hello to an old classmate.

Dreaming of greeting friends.

I saw a new face in a dream.

Dreaming of confrontation.

I saw my acquaintances waiting for food.

Dreaming of being busy making preparations.

I saw my girl and her friend waking past me.

.Dreaming of other people.

I saw myself cleaning the house.

Dreaming of cleaning.

I saw myself chatting to old classmates.

Dream of talking to old classmates.

I saw my family and I going traveling.

A family travels to see other populations.

I saw a stranger getting an audio stimulation.

Dream of headphones.

I saw myself with my damaged spectacles.

Dreaming of spectacles with defect.

I saw a small group of people at a social event.

Dreaming of socializing and iPad.
I met someone who asked me about what was inside my bag.

I saw Britney Spears singing in her concert.

Dream of singing.

I saw an old woman in my dream. 

Dreaming about ageing.

I saw my girl being surprised with an unexpected test paper.

Dreaming of being unprepared to take test.

I saw myself being late for my tuition class. That happened when I was in middle school.

Dream about being late for tuition class.

I saw myself on a public bus, seated with other passengers.

Dreaming of being on the bus.

I saw my Grandmother in a dream.

Grief, mourning, bereavement and nostalgia trigger dreams of the dead.

I saw myself getting anxious upon receiving my grade.

Dreaming of anxiety over grade is simulation of threat.

I saw my girl in a dream saying she lost her bike.

Dreaming of losing a bicycle.

In this dream, I saw my partner being sick in hospital.

Dreaming of being ill in hospital.
Dream of two people chatting.

I saw a group of people waiting to receive mail from the postman.

The postman delivers mail.

In this dream, I saw my partner being sick at the sink.

Dreaming being sick and throwing up vomiting.

I saw my old friend.

Dreaming of my old friend S.

I met an old woman who was negative and grumpy.

Verbal abuse.

A saw a couple who was squabbling.

An angry person violates your personal space and boundary, reducing your space.


To be continued.



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