Eavesdropping: The Monday Peeve

This Monday, I’m ranting about eavesdropping. Landed property is very expensive and way beyond the reach of many ordinary folks. I have lived in stacked housing apartment blocks the whole of my adult life. I hear neighbors talking. Likewise, they can also hear voices from my unit. In the ordinary course of events, I don’t care. I couldn’t care less what my neighbors are doing, as long as they don’t interfere with me.

However, since the pandemic of Covid-19, more people are staying home, working from home. They have more time to eavesdrop on conversations, and plot their interference for their own advantage.

What have people become?

Paula Light hosts The Monday Peeve #80, TMP.

Don’t support businesses that cheat people.
Married woman dreams of married man
Married woman instigates married man to commit crime by intimidating and harassing an old woman.
Woman has fantasy of meeting the man of her dreams.
Don’t do this. Covid-19 can be a killer.
Married woman dreams of married man.
She asks her male friend to attract women, to rope them in to become her friends too.
Married woman dreams.
Married woman day dreams of a married man who seems to be financially better off than her.
She was under his spell and believed him.
C and C , see and see, partners in crime.
Change defeat to gracious deferment.
He wants to win his game at any cost, even if the victory is only with words.


  1. Is this truly the case? What do people in apartment buildings do to plot and take advantage? I have some experience with people who like to interfere, or don’t see interfering as interfering, but that would really be something else coming from complete strangers who just so happen to live in proximity.

  2. Like, if they suspect one neighbor has some savings, they would try to swindle to cheat money. They may create stories to persuade the victim to “lend” them the money. Money once parted from its owner, would never be returned. People are supposed to borrow from banks and finance companies, not from neighbors. Extorting money from powerless victims means the bully has no intention to return the money.

    I have some drawings to illustrate these non-neighborly scams. I’ve pasted them in this main post. Please look into the main post again. Thanks.

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