#InspiredWritingChallenge Oct 1 2021 (reference post with prompts)


I’m trying to write. Again. Apparently my drawing looks better than my writing. Here I am, turning on my faucet to release a trickle of words. I’ve been searching for writing books that contain many stimulating questions to inspire me to write. I haven’t found any suitable ones. If you can recommend one, I’ll appreciate it.

If I write, I would be tweeting my published web link & the hash tag #InspiredWritingChallenge & @lionesspress.


October month-long Prompts: #InspiredWritingChallenge @lionesspress October Inspired Writing Challenges.

For my convenience, the said list of prompts is here for reference. Please credit #InspiredWritingChallenge @lionesspressbooks for creating this list. After you write and publish your posts, link and tweet at #InspiredWritingChallenge @lionesspress

Each prompt deserves its own post, to be published according to the correct date in October 2021.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Genre
  3. Into the woods (research the phrases) Plunge into something fearlessly.
  4. Eyes closed. Do something easily.
  5. Writing space
  6. Coffee, tea or thou.
  7. Pass the mustard. (Change an unsavoury topic)
  8. themes & symbols.
  9. Your book is a candle. (Your book is a message of hope)
  10. To Sir, with love. (Thanking the addressee)
  11. Optimist or pessimist
  12. dialogue only. (Comic uses dialogue & visual image)
  13. its in the details
  14. Weaving a braid
  15. wimps & wackos
  16. Conflict is key
  17. second chances
  18. Take your pulse
  19. who’s talking here? (POV)
  20. a week of bad luck
  21. One beat, two beat
  22. Your greatest fear
  23. a tick you hate
  24. To view or not to view
  25. Worst think ever
  26. Time is fleeting
  27. “Danger, Will Robinson!”
  28. I see devices
  29. Everything matters
  30. Beyond the words

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