Print vs Electronic media: Blogging Insights

Tanya, of blog Salted Caramel, has a category in her blog named Blogging Insights. She asks us to write our opinion based on her question:

Have you written (or do you still write) for print media? How do you find that different from blogging or writing for electronic media? Which do you enjoy more, and why?

Blogging Insights Mar 22 2021.

I have written at least once for print media. I wasn’t good at it.

I’ve written fiction and nonfiction books. I wasn’t ready to write.

I like writing for electronic media more because the format is loose. I can include my own art.

Blogging and the internet offer wide audiences without my requirement to spend money marketing my works. I may receive written comments as feedback. However, the unwritten but yet tangible feedback lies also in the volume of web traffic for each post. Search traffic is testament to my success or failure in click bait.

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