See bright, think positive: Positivity Week 1

Positivity Week 1:
Its the end of a week, and time to reflect on what I “see bright and think positive”. I’ve started a planned 56 weeks of positivity reflection exercise to instill it into a habit into me.

Questions to focus on Positivity:
(1) What made you happy this week?
I summoned up courage to discover why a person wanted me to return a call. It was for a minor grievance. I was relieved and thanked God for protecting me from major falls.

(2) What can you focus on doing to make yourself happy in the coming new week?
I need to think of lasting themes for my art. Having a definite goal contributes towards working for my future and happiness.

(3) What inspirations are you remembering to maintain your focus in point (2)?
Successful artists are my inspirations.

(4) What lessons did you learn in this past week that will mold your future?
Lesson One – I need to improve the technical parts of my blog like installing a Like button, a Follow Button, List Categories for readers & etc.