Mindful Doodles #24

This doodle shows a man on his cell phone. He spots his colleague, who is a cleaner in the facility. He waves him over and invites his friend to sit with him and chit chat. The cleaner politely declines, saying he can’t because he is on duty. “There are CCTV cameras to monitor my behavior”, he says.

Mindful Thought of the Day:
Be mindful of your position and when you are at work. Resist temptation to be lazy.

Be mindful of colleague and your job.

Mindful Doodles is a series of comic/ cartoon drawn on assimilating stimuli that comes into my mind. My surrounding and environment are dynamic. As events happen, the stimuli enters my brain and I pay attention to them. I am not mentally disturbed as I pay due respect to each stimulus. I ponder upon how I would deal with the stimulus, to manage the situation. I try to discover what lesson the Universe bestows on me in this encounter. I write my discovery as my Mindful Thought of the Day.