Life continues dream

Flash Fiction –
He dreamed that his university has a secret society of fanged students with sharp puncturing canines. They walk and hunt in solitude to avoid detection. They are excited by tonight’s Supermoon, whose gravitational pull coagulated their blood in pools. Now they are walking in search of pharmacists for blood thinner. One of them broke into a drug manufacturer, and stole a barrel of Panadol. He is downing them by the gallon. Now that his blood is thin, he must guard against any accidental wounds. A dog follows him the shadows. It corners him in a dark alley. It bares its fangs and takes its first chomp. The student fights the dog and manages to send it fleeing into the darkness. He is bleeding and weak. He lies down in the alley, closes his eyes to conserve energy and meditates. He wills his blood at the wound to coagulate to clot the wound. He falls asleep and dreams of blood. He is awakened by sunlight. He opens his eyes to look at his wound. He smiles at the crust. His dream was real and now he will continue where his dream left off.  He stretches his limbs to prepare to stand up. He knows he will live for another day.

The end.

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Hope this drawing can fit the bill of a student vampire.

Modern vampire.