Dreaming of dead grandmother

What’s the meaning of dreaming of dead grandmother?
There could be several causes for dreaming of a deceased relative. You must have been close to that relative. When you experience nostalgia and sentiments for the dead person, you are prepping your mind to create a dream for them.

When you dream of a dead grandmother, your brain brings up old memories of interactions with her. She must have impressed upon you her philosophies in life, her teachings, traditions and sharing of experiences. If you had an incident in waking life that reminded you of dear grandma, then you might experience a dream of her at night. For people who are superstitious, they might think that grandma paid them a visit in their dream. The scientific explanation is that the brain has recalled old memories for replay.

Don’t be afraid of superstitions. Some cultures said that the dead visit the living in dreams, to warn them of their impending death. That can’t be proven. Many religions explain that once a human dies, they enter another realm or dimension. They can’t return to earth to visit relatives, or take them away upon death.

Grief, mourning, bereavement and nostalgia trigger dreams of the dead.

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