Dreaming of mountain king

Dreaming of meeting a mountain king:

Who doesn’t want to meet a king? All young, eligible women want to meet a bachelor king. A young woman who dreams of meeting a king has this desire in waking life. Perhaps she wants to live the life of a queen, enthroned beside her king. She may desire to escape her current ;life style.

What would the dream imagery of a mountain king be like?
I envision him as being someone strong and able to hold the responsibilities of the mountain on his shoulders. This king would be dressed in animal hides as he has no other recourse to man-made woven fabric. His subjects do not know how to weave cloth from silk worms.

Dreaming of a ruling king can mean:

  1. You have aspirations to become a great and powerful ruler.
  2. You have close connections to a king.
  3. You are the subject of a king and you have to obey his rules.
  4. You are the subject of someone in your personal life. You are likely to belong to a household, whose patriarch is strict and rules over the roost.
  5. If you are a private person, dreaming of a king can speak about your desire to be the king of your own castle, i.e., you wish to enjoy freedom in your own domain.
Mountain king on his throne and him holding his club, on his way to work outdoors.

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