Seen any of these anxiety dreams?

Seen any of these anxiety dreams?
Sleepers who had anxiety filled days will dream of themes that reflect their state of anxiety during the day. Dreams of the anxious person will feature their worries and concerns.

Here are some of the common themes of dreams that result from anxiety during the day:


1) Being chased by something or someone.

2) Falling down.

3) Worried over studies and grades.

4) Being late or having missed an important event like a test.

5) Trying to do something many times but failing to accomplish it.

6) Regressing into a child.

7) Being harmed.

8) Confrontation with insects, spiders and creepy crawlies which you hate.

9) Being inappropriately dressed for an occasion, or being naked.

10) Losing control of your vehicle while driving.

11) Being attacked by an animal or human.

12) Facing other bad events/ activities.

Dream theory.
Old man leery at woman.

Anxiety with stranger stalking you.

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Anxiety related to bereavement.

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Anxiety over troubled past which is affecting your present and future.

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