Dreaming of bouncer

Dreaming of rejection from a determined bouncer, who thought I should be tossed out from his club. One night, I dreamed I was standing in a group of people. They were chatting inside a club and having a party. Suddenly, a staff from the club asked me to leave because I was not supposed to be there. I tried to argue that I had a right to be there because my friends had invited me to be present. The determined bouncer refused to listen to my views and dragged me outside. I was shocked and woke up.

What’s the meaning of this dream? I was rejected by someone who wasn’t in my social circle. Or someone inside my circle was a traitor who complained about me to the bouncer. He then forcibly rejected me by throwing me out. I would examine my life in waking reality. Am I marginalized when others have their own groups? Do I really belong to any group? Are there group members who dislike me and would ostracize me? I may have seen by observation behaviors that inform me of dissent and hatred. I may have stored this information in my brain. This must have been disturbing and that is why my brain created a dream with metaphorical images to send a message to me.

Dreaming of bouncer.

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