Dreaming of game designers

The meaning of dreaming of a game designer is to imply you want to create a game plan for your life. You wish to control some aspects in your waking life and that is why this desire has surfaced in your dream, in the metaphor of a game designer. A game designer decides what happens in a game by determining the cause and effect of each structure. In other words, what causes lead to what effects.

What a game designer does depends on their genetic codes stored in their DNA. If their genes determine they are intelligent, then they can write programs for good game designs. If they lack intelligent genes in their DNA, they are limited in their capability to create high standards of game designs.

If your dream on the metaphorical symbol of game designer shows you the level of competence, then you know who you are facing. If your dream does not indicate how good (or bad) the game designer is, then there is no depth in the communication in this dream.

Astronauts are a dream symbol that denote people who have a keen interest to explore space. In waking reality, an astronaut means a person who is exploring to widen the social circle, or networking for connections. Astronauts have little control over their working life. They explore unfamiliar environments. Game designers are like the opposites of astronauts as they have some control over their working environment.

When game designers are pitted against astronauts, the former wins because they have better brains.

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