How dreaming of body relates to your life

Dreaming of body or body parts, relate to your life. Seeing dream imagery of various parts of the body hold different meanings. If you dream of a specific body part, it means that part is sick and trying to send you a message. You need to visit your doctor to seek intervention to resolve the illness.

If you don’t dream of your body, but see other imagery like visiting a doctor, having your X-ray taken, or being in a hospital, it means you are ill. What you should do in your waking life, is to get a medical checkup, to confirm your suspicion.

Your body is your home. Take good care of it.

Dreaming of dentist.

The meaning of dreaming of teeth has been discussed in anther post on teeth.

Dreaming of alive person being dead may be reflecting that subject’s state of poor health.

Seeing dream images of a dead body can hint of emotional detachment because you are immune to the world’s stimuli. You were hurt and lost your empathy.

If you see a person dead to you, it can mean you lost faith in them. You gave up on them because of deep hurt. On the reverse implication, it can mean you’re dying to the world.

Dreaming being sick and throwing up vomiting
Dreaming of being ill in hospital.
Dreaming of burial.

The opposite of dreaming of a body is to see hiding a body. The dream imagery and symbolism of a burial means there is a desire to hide a body. There could be several implications. The body could be deteriorating in illness, and inappropriate for public showing. The body could be engaged in an illicit activity like an affair and the owner of the body wants to hide this.

If you dream this …
Meaning of a dream about getting a jab.

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