How a snake dream affects your life

Meaning of dreaming of a snake.

How a snake dream affects your life –
This reptile is not well received in almost all cultures of people. The image and metaphor denote bad things like harm and danger. Dreaming of a snake usually means someone in your waking life bears the traits of a snake. This person could be quietly stalking you and striking when you’re off guard. This snake dream could be triggered when your brain processed raw data about someone in your life, who acted suspiciously. During the day, your brain is struck by many stimuli and the white noise makes it difficult to process data to turn them into useful information. At night, your brain has reduced stimuli and can process data to derive at conclusions. These opinions may also be referred to as intuition, or gut feeling, since the evidence is not clear cut. The person who was antagonistic towards you, will be noted by your brain, as a threat. One of the reptiles who is known to be threatening or unpleasant even if its species in non-poisonous, is the snake. Thus, your brain invents the dream of a snake The image of the snake could be a stored memory of a snake you had seen in the media or in person.


Snake plays musical instrument.

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