How dreaming of your boss affects your life

An angry person violates your personal space and boundary, reducing your space.

How dreaming of your boss affects your life:
Dreaming of your boss can mean you are stressed at work. The anxiety is the trigger that created the dream. You feel that you are pressurized to do more work, or better quality work. Sometimes, it feels like your boss is like an angry person who intrudes into your personal space.

You may be admiring your boss for being a successful person and secretly desire that one day, you may attain the same status. Your dream could be a wish fulfillment that your brain created.

If you don’t work under a boss, then this figure could refer to another person in your waking life, who issues instructions to you. The “boss” can be your parent, older sibling, relative, spouse, partner, authority figure or friend who is giving you advice.

If you dream about a former boss, your dream could be triggered by reminders of your past job, or nostalgia for the past. If the dream reminds you of an old situation, then maybe your brain wants to remind you to use the same solution to tackle a present scenario in your life.

Somebody from your old office resembles another person in your present waking life. It is up to you to draw parallels and conclusions.

In your dream, if you are hiding from your boss, it relates to your situation at work in the present. Have you been avoiding something or somebody at work? Are you afraid of being found out that your standard of work is short of being satisfactory? Your conscience may be eating at you and that explains why you dream of your boss. It is your choice on how you want to handle the situation to resolve it. You can either fight by tackling your difficulties, or take flight by leaving the hardship.

The symbol of “boss” can refer to your internal boss, which is usually your brain. Your head receives stimuli, processes raw data and decides what actions and behaviors to perform.

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