Dreaming of favorite book cover

Doing a dream analysis, I would think that some writers would like to have their favorite design on a book cover of a volume that they liked reading. It is strange to dream of a book that you’ve read, unless it has made a big impression on you. When you see your version of book cover on an established book, it means that you have personalized your copy of that book. You have adopted it as your own, instead of the author’s. Normally, you would be confused to see a different book cover on a book which you know did not possess that particular book cover. However, in the dream, anything is acceptable.

Is there a reason why you need to hide the actual book cover? Were you ashamed to be seen reading that book? Is there a reason why you would like to have a different design for your book cover?

In waking hour, you need to pay attention to the category and genre of the book that you saw in your dream image. This will release more information on the meaning of the dream. If you were reading a nonfiction book, then you must be trying to improve yourself. If you were reading a fiction, then perhaps you need to relax and play more in your waking reality.

If the book title is a self-help one on a certain topic, then the dream is a metaphor, calling on you to look up in that area. You might benefit from actually reading up in the topic. Your brain has a reason to suggest that topic to you.

One day, my own book might become a reality?

Have you any interesting dreams to share? Please leave your stories in the comments section. Thank you.

Dreaming of my book cover.

October 2 drawing prompt from #eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge

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