Dreaming of toothpaste

What’s the meaning of dreaming of toothpaste? Evidently, you need it so much that it has invaded your subconscious and triggered a dream. Maybe your current toothpaste is not good enough to resolve your needs. You might need to change the brand of toothpaste. Maybe you’re just running out of toothpaste and your brain wants to remind you to go buy some more toothpaste.

Does somebody in your family need toothpaste? Does anybody need to take better care of their teeth? Is toothpaste sufficient to clean the teeth? Is the dentist required to take care of problems in the teeth? All these questions help to ponder and discover the cause of the dream.

Please share your dreams in the comments section. Let’s enrich our lives with knowledge. Thank you.

Dreaming of toothpaste.

October 3 drawing prompt from #everydaydrawingchallenge #eddc