Meaning of flood in dream

Dreaming of flood.

The woman in the picture is crying so many tears that she figuratively floods the place.

What’s the meaning of this flood in a dream?

In dreamwork, we need to know the context of the dreamer, before we can analyze the meaning of this dream. As flood is water/ liquid, this symbol suggests an overwhelming stream of water could have been due to the person who is seen in the midst of this event. We would ask the dreamer if they have problems. Some people may be blissfully unaware they were targeted in abuse. The old, weak, vulnerable and mentally disabled are categories of people who fall prey to bullying and abuse. Victims may cry buckets of tears and sometimes, their misery never comes to the attention of others. A flood is a dream symbol telling you to let the old worries and problems wash away. Take a good wash and be free to handle life anew, each day.

Just like the bible story in Genesis Chapter 6-9, the prophet Noah faced a big flood. God sent this flood to eliminate all the bad living things so that the earth can start afresh. The symbolism of flood water has remained the same until today.

Have you dreamed of food waters?

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