Dream of flying, dream of floating

Dreaming of flying in air.

Did you ever dream of flying? When we were very young babies and toddlers, our parents and caregivers carried us, and played “flying” by swinging us around. These childhood memories of flying and weightlessness can surface in dreams, which  explain why we can dream about  the flying experience. If your dream includes your taking off and maintaining a flight path, then the details give hints that relate to your waking life. If you feel uncomfortable while taking off the ground, it means you face problems in waking life. You lack skills in certain areas. Your dream tells you to work on your weaknesses to improve. If you experience difficulty in flying while at an altitude, then this dream is telling you that you need to improve your skills.

On the other hand, your dream also tried to hint that you  have bitten off more than you can chew. You have been too ambitious and demanding of yourself. There is more on your plate than you can handle. You can help yourself by slowing down, and learning more to handle your areas of responsibilities. Another consideration is to alter or change your direction. Maybe your difficulties were due to inherent problems like not using your natural talents. If you are able to change your direction, or think of methods to use your talents in whatever you do in your work, then you can reduce you in-motion (flying) difficulties. For example, many youths study accounting because it is a useful skill in clerical jobs. However, not every brain has the natural talent to master accounting and excel in it. Students who do a switch-over to a subject they are naturally good at, experience better performance than if they were to stick to the subject they had no affinity for.

The dream interpretation of flying also includes the ambition to head upwards on the corporate ladder or social ladder.

Have you ever dreamed of flying upwards? Did your dream come true?

Floating in dream.

The meaning of floating is to hint at insecurity. There is no anchor, and security. Which explains why the person is floating. Anchors can be goals, which are concrete objectives that keep a person working and focused. A person without any aim in life will be floating from day to day. What can you do after having this dream of floating around? In your waking hours, sit down and think about your long term goals. From one such goal, think again about breaking it up into smaller, manageable mini-goals. Once you’ve set your main purposes in life, you’ll find yourself focused. You’ll feel happier when you accomplish each mini-goal. You will slowly learn that you’ll never experience this dream of floating around again.

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